The Perfect Carrie Underwood Song

Very rarely does a song fit a superstar when they grew up in small towns in Oklahoma less than 60 miles apart. Well of course

Greatest Lyrics

Previous Next The  section below gives random great song lyrics.We invite you to make suggestions.Just use the form below. Yago in Japanese literally means “house


It’s only a whimsical notion. Credit Michael Nesmith of the Monkees. A great songwriter and musician but mainly unknown. Check these out.  You’ll be impressed.

Mack the Knife

Mack the knife Most people have heard Mack the Knife. Most people would think it was written by Bobby Darin, the singer who made it

Leonard Cohen

  Now in Vienna there’s ten pretty womenThere’s a shoulder where Death comes to cryThere’s a lobby with nine hundred windowsThere’s a tree where the

Ricky Nelson

Ricky Nelson is one of the most under-rated singer/songwriter almost always looked over as one of the greatest rock, and country rock performers. Reviews and opinions on rock stars.

George Arlis Highfill

George Highfill The Music Born in Bakersfield George Highfill is probably my favorite unknown singer/songwriter. I have to admit I’m prejudiced since he’s from my

Over the Rainbow

Over the Rainbow (1939)Original Title; Over the Rainbow is where I long to be.Songwriter; Harold Arlen and Yip HarburgPerformer; Eva CassidyRecorded; (November1992)Darlene submitted this as