George Arlis Highfill

George Highfill
The Music Born in Bakersfield George Highfill is probably my favorite unknown singer/songwriter. I have to admit I’m prejudiced since he’s from my home town. He has lived in LA since he left Nashvile in 1980. He has received minor wins in his career such as signing with Warner Brothers with his pure country album “Waitin Up”.

Unfortunately he signed the same day as Dwight Yokum. So obviously Dwight was promoted and George was left in the wings because he refused to give up publishing rights. This was probably a mistake that he would admit to. George has over 1000 songs he has writen and stored at Tree Publishing.

This song is in the author’s opinion better than the Dwight Yokum’s Bakerfield hit.

It tells of the Okies journey from the dust bowl and the history of Bakersfield music.
It talks to the musicians that started the Bakerfsield sound.
If your into the roots of music check this one out.
George has been writing since the 60’s and has over a thousand songs at Tree Publishing.
He has written so many I have many favorites but “The Music Born in Bakersfield rates in the top 5.

Here it is