Why Lotus Board

This board makes it easy and comfortable to sit on the floor in a semi-lotus position. 

You can use it for drinks, food, flowers, incense, or an ice cold beer.

Slowly you will find that it trains muscles to make the full lotus position more achievable.

Great for all ages. 


My friend, out of frustration, set out to create this simple but elegant contraption.
He was sitting on the floor trying to have a bowl of soup.
Sitting in a loose lotus position, he was trying to meditate as much as possible.


He thought to himself there’s got to be a better way to stay in the lotus position
and have whatever creature comforts he longed for; whether it be a beer,
a cup of soup, a candle, or his favorite incense.

What he thought of was a design that worked for both young and all.
His first iteration of the thought was simply a square board to sit in his lap…
but this didn’t work. He realized that the board had to have a different fit to be comfortable.

What he did next was pure genius. He simply cut half circles out of each side of the square board.
It worked!
The board was balanced and fit perfectly against the thighs,
giving a flat and easily balanced surface in his lap creating a soft lotus position.

It didn’t stop there because he realized the divine inspiration didn’t yet fit kids.
So, he designed a smaller version and it was an immediate success
with all the kids at his daughter’s third grade class.

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