The way we look at music

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yago's opinion first

Ok here goes.
This is not the easiest thing in the world!
We come at music with a definite bias but are open minded.
First we break it down to categories.  Not my idea.  I’d just have it as the stuff I like best but my son’s into classical and jazz so we included the basic music categories and then broke them down to what I like best.  How arrogant!  Well anyway we thought the categories would be based on the oldest music first so obviously early cave man was our first category.   Our number one was ” moan” by Neandertuni.   Then we jumped right in to the “Hurran songs”.  Number one our list is without doubt “Hymn to Nikkal #6”., but lets not forget about the first century greek ditty “seikilos eppitaph”.

music defined by wikipedia is the art of arranging sounds what happened to spontaneity?  seriously what can be defined as music?

music is the buzz of the universe, maybe, or the inward glow of birth, maybe its not about art at all.

To my dying day I’ll try and convince you that “Ripple” by the Grateful Dead is far and away the greatest “Zen” song ever.  With respect to Bodhadarma.
If you got this far in this diatribe what’s wrong with you!

Classical (its on you josh).


Big band

(all hell breaks out/ till god gets involved)

Dillards / Goosecreek

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Beatles vs Stones

Country rock 
1954 TO 1974


Stuff I want my kid to hear!

Guitar players!

Greatest lines

This started us thinking about what qualifies as music?