Line of Flight

Inspired by the Deleuzian concept of “Ligne de Fuite”, this film uses 2D straight ahead action animation techniques to create a stream of consciousness experiment.

Elementor Flexbox Container

So, this is a Text Editor inside of a container. We have been using Sections to build out our site since we switched to Elementor

Janie’s Journal

This is my message to the world that never wrote to me. I feel a little naked writing something that the whole world might tune

Humphrey Bogart peaking over a rock with a rifle in Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Treasure of the Sierra Madre

Treasure of the Sierra Madre 1948 A pick. One of the most overlooked films. A classic! One of our favorite Humphrey Bogart movies. Up

The Perfect Carrie Underwood Song

Very rarely does a song fit a superstar when they grew up in small towns in Oklahoma less than 60 miles apart. Well of course

a wanna be writer

Being a wanna be writer is tough.  First of all the dreaded punctuation.  When your writing who wants to think  about commas, periods, paragraphs and

daily news

January 6 hearing a sleeper 2 hours ago. How can someone take such strong evidence and make is so boring. They succeeded in making it look

Event Horizon Telescope

The Event Horizon telescope array has captured the first image of Sag A, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy!

Webb Telescope Update

This stuff is so cool!!! Alignment of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope is now complete. After full review, the observatory has been confirmed to be