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“Life is too short to sit at an empty bar”.

Ah, remember the days when standing out online wasn’t such a challenge? Well, fear not my friends, for Yago.com offers a solution that will transport you back to simpler times.
Our customizable tools are a throwback to a time when expressing your unique self was a breeze.
Our marketing options are a blast from the past, providing personalized insights to bring your business to center stage -right where it belongs.
Yago.com’s cutting-edge platform will give you the nostalgic feel of simpler times, while keeping you ahead of the game.
So take a trip down memory lane and join us on the journey to success.
With Yago.com, your online business will soar higher than ever before.
Other Projects
George Highfill


We just noticied an old acquaintance, Terry Turner,  is doing some cool stuff with wood. 
Check out his site. 
Innovative Counter Tops.