The meanings of yago.

Nobody reads this stuff but this is how yago started. is about great opinion.

Yago originally means “may God protect”.

 Yagō, literally meaning “house name“, in Japanese.

The “a” is pronounced like the “a” in amazing or acute.

yago is slang for you go (as in where do you go).  It is actually two words:  ya and go.  It is a word we use everyday, as in where do ya go, how do ya go, and when do ya go.  We just combined the ya and go and was born.  So, there yago.

Urban dictionary:  Yago is a kind,funny and smart person. They’re incredibly loyal and have a great sense of humour. If you have a Yago in you’re life make sure to keep in touch because you’ll never find someone as trustworthy or loyal as a friend.

Urban Dictionary: Yago:  It is actually a combination of 5 seperate words mashed together to form one awesome slang term. When you break it down, it really means “You are all going to”.
 y.a.g.o You And Great Opinion.   Our information came from "road warriors", sales people from all over the world.  They have the best taste and knowledge.  We leveraged their info into creating a "where yago" database.  We gave our opinions based on very localized information.  "Where do yago"?  "When do yago"? "How do yago"? "There yago". Well I was thinking about sitting at an empty bar in Seattle and it dawned on meet that there had to be a better way to find out which bar was popular at that moment in time. Where do ya go to meet women, when do ya go to meet women, and what type of bar represents me. What area of the city was it. This became "Your Area Guide Online". This was back in 1995 when a web-designer could make a thousand dollars and hour. Now it's basically free. Well being a executive software recruiter I noticed that everything in the industry used an acronym. So I realized that "your area guide online" was just an acronym for YAGO. I did a quick search and immediately found the 4 letter dot com yago. Hence was born. Back in those days there was barely an internet, and no cameras or much more a way of relaying vital statistics about the occupancy of a bar. But the phone. I had bus boys, waiters, bartenders, keeping me updated on what was happening at the establishment they were employed by. They thought it was fun relaying status of men-women ratio. Of course, they always had their drinks bought. Welcome to Back in the mid-90's I started a website name yago.  This name came to me because of all the acronyms used in the internet business.  You had cti, scm, crm, etc, etc.  Well one day after a brisk work out I came up with idea of localizing local areas and like that I thought of ADAM (area designated activity module) and then to define different entertainments in the area (ADAM) and came up with Eve (entertainment vicinity educator), actually initially it was edifier, but that was too hard to remember.  So, anyway from ADAM and EVE begat YAGO (Your Area Guide Organizer).  It just happened to be the first two letters of YAhoo and the first two letters of GOogle, just a lucky break.  Four letter URL's were golden back then and still are.   more about yago

where do ya go when you get there.  vacation and trip planning guide.  first step; where ya go?  second step; why ya go?  third step; when ya go?  fourth step; who ya go with?  fifth step; how ya go?

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