What do you mean racist.
I’m having dinner with my buddies
Reverand Al, Herschel Walker and Don Lemon.
I had Melania make them chicken and watermelon.

Trumps best defense

Hey David, Donald here.
Let’s do a three way with that playboy model.
I mean it’s what we paid her for. Right?

April 25, 2024 Arizona added to conspiracy Apr 23, 2024 Book progression. First start with the premise. How long egomaniac can plot for ultimate success. What is his idea of success. A life time of planning for everyone to think I’m the best. What is top. People along the way to the top. Roy Cohn and Roger Stone. When a plot comes together. Is it really this big. Has one egomaniacal man been setting things in motion for much longer than we suspect? The National Enquier(never thought about the e instead of the i) complete starts and completes the madness. Always a crook,but now the ultimate, reputable crook. I wonder if John Gotti was his hero.   Is he the mobs ultimate Don.   Teasing an unwritten book. Starting with LaCosa Nostra.The undying goal. Global Domination. The Federal Reserve. Prohibition. The roaring twenties. The sacrifice of the great depression. WWII combat training. The five control. John Gotti. The mob or feds(the same) gives up their own. Was Trump before or after Gotti. Could he have really been that smart. To assassinate the guy he was going to replace.

Trump Rally

Trump Vodka

Trump You’re Fired

Trump Melania

Trump Playboy

Trump Family Man

Trump Ivanka

Trump is so smart.

Trump genius

Trump Korea

Trump Golf

Trump Fans

Trump Putin

Trump MTG

Trump Lincoln

Trump Doesn’t Lie

Trump Greatest President

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Running of the Bulls

Come on Brad,
I just need 11,800 of those colored people votes.

I have to admit President Putin is one of the most kind generous people I've ever met.

Way to go dad.