Do you believe in miracles
The biggest miracle I’ve ever seen… the 1995 Masters.  Ben Crenshaw won and Davis Love came in second, but this is not where the story begins.
Harvey Morrison Pinick was a pro golfer but is known for his teaching of the game.  He taught hundreds of people the game of golf including his three favorite students: Ben Crenshaw, Davis Love and Tom Kite.  To them Harvey had been like a father.
So, the passing of Harvey the week before the Masters was a very emotional thing for the three – more like loosing a father.
The Master’s tournament was not an issue at first because no one figured that any of them would be a factor.  Ben Crenshaw hadn’t won in 22 years.
Ben and  Davis both showed up at the Masters on Tuesday but really it was Wednesday before they got a chance to see the course.  So there was no expectations that either would be a factor in the tournament.  The rest of the story.