Maybe the greatest marketing ever.  Medicare! Is Medicare the greatest government conspiracy? Is it good or evil? How the government and corporations kept a piece of the biggest economic sector “healthcare”.  What better way to keep a large portion of it when it should be free.  Medicare is promoted as the government paying for 80% of your healthcare when in fact it’s the other way around.  How would you like to keep 20% of the fastest growing industry and have the government marketing and paying for it’s promotion.  What a great deal! Could it be we are being played.  We are encouraged to more excessive use of the industry by thinking that the government is paying 80% of the cost of buying it when in reality it might be a devious marketing scheme by big Pharma. So basically Medicare is the promotion for 20% of your business.  What a deal! Think about it, your major marketing effort is brilliantly promoted by the government. Wouldn’t you think being healthier is something the government would promote?  This would mean that the healthcare system would get smaller and big Pharma would have 20% of a shrinking economic sector.  Not good business. Big Pharma wants to grow their sector and they came up with the most brilliant marketing plan ever conceived (with exception to the military). The plan?  Lets get the government to legislate and promote it.  Marketing 101. The US government is the largest economic sector on the planet so let’s let them take care of 80% of our marketing budget.  We let them legislate the growth of our industry.  This ensures that sector will profit from a growing sector as opposed to a shrinking sector.   They now they have a monopoly of 20% of the governments  fastest growing component. This a set up for the big Pharma cooperation’s.  In fact if the government would take big Pharma’s piece of the pie and truly offer good free healthcare but sadly this isn’t in their best interest so big Pharma supposedly plays the role of  “benevolent dictator”.  But is this true.  We think not.   Benevolent means to give and the only giving big Pharma is doing is giving themselves enormous profits.