Change your blank wall with “My Wall” by

Movable color panels to brighten your life!

A unique prospective of how to decorate a blank wall.  
Sure a picture, mirror, or several pictures.  Ok it looks good for the mood you are in today but do you ever get tired of the same look to your wall?  We all do.  So let’s change it.  Do we paint it and hang new pictures?  Well that’s expensive and your mood can always change.  Let’s make it easy to take that wall and change it at your whim without any cost.  My Wall does just that.  Using just four different colored panels that can be placed in any order or shape you can come up with.




page layout:  Series of images of blank walls.  Series of same walls with my wall.

There are thousands of inexpensive ways to decorate a blank wall but most of them are static and require a lot of work and if you get tired of it you go through a tedious task of buying new things, painting, more nail holes and they are there once you do it.  How about a wall that you can change in just a few minutes.   We allow you to change you wall quickly based on your mood that day, week, month or year with out an additional expenditures and with very little effort.

We call “My Wall”.