For you, Wanru.
Just thought I add some tunes here.
No particular order and you are probably familiar with many.
Listen at you leisure.
These are all on YouTube. I just thought this might be easier for you.

The first is “South Canadian River Song” by Michael Martin Murphy.
I grew up on the South Canadian River but that really has nothing to do with it.
It almost feel’s like a Wanru anthem.
Very presumptuos of me to say.

The second is bluegrass and the whole album is a must. It is truly Zen.
The album is Words of Earnest by Goosecreek Symphony.
The song “The Gospel” is my introduction of them to you. Amazing lyrics.

Next on our hit parade is one of the most underappreciated songwirters I ever encountered.
Michael Nesmith, a former Monkee. Don’t hold that against him.
Four songs.
I just couldn’t leave one out.
“Casablanca Moonlight” is the second song on the 1977 “From A Radio Engine To The Photon Wing” album.

Just getting started.  More to come.