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"On the Internet, the name is one of the most important steps for starting your 

Your web site's domain name is an address, a brand, a home.
Having a good one is crucial to your site's success".
But getting them their is still the first step.
We can help with both.

Need a name that makes sense.                                                      
 "Yago it".  
The second best name on the web.

If you understand the importance of a name on the web, you'll understand what we're up to.
It seems as all the good names have been taken.  
Well a lot of them may still be around if you "yago it".
Yago is easy to remember.
Where do yago, here yago, there yago, 

You probably say it everyday.  
We own yago.com, but you can take advantage of our good fortune. 
 The memorable and easily branded name yago, can stand for many different things.
Lets say for this example YAGO (your address guide online).
You've, probably been to register.com and found that the great dot com name you wanted is taken.
Well now you have a second chance.
We're  in the business of helping people brand and find web names.
 While dealing with the frustration of no good names at the dot com address,  it suddenly hit us, "yago it".  
The name when combined with just about any keyword makes sense.

Sense yago is a four letter URL  you should come up quicker in search engines. 
That's a big deal!
The search is keyed by the .yago.com, which is one of the shorter URL's and believe us,
shorter is better.
So just put another word in front of yago, like fishing, music, or one of those great keywords,
 that were bought buy the web gurus years ago.
For example if your in the fishing business and your domain name is www.larrysfishing.com
you may find that your not getting ranked that high  in the search engines,
 it's probably because your name is too long and not properly meta tagged.
Yago, may have the solution for you.
How about www.fish.yago.com, it's direct, to the point, and will get hits.

If you want to keep your company name, we simply redirect them to your companies site 
when they click on www.fish.yago.com.
It just makes sense.
  So contact us and see if that special name you wanted is available,  
just as all the .coms are gone, the yago.coms will go in a hurry too.
You get the same service and web space that other web hosting companies are offering, 
but more important, a name that makes sense and will get hits.
Some of our customers consider the name an investment in itself.
So as Marshall Sam McCloud says, "there yago".

Register for your name now!  Just tell us what name you want.
How about www.nfl.yago.com or maybe www.golf.yago.com.
It's like you get a second chance at the good stuff.

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