“Thank a Trucker” Album release by George Arlis Highfill, Aug. 22, 2023.

George Highfill’s new country album, “Thank a Trucker”, will be released worldwide on Aug 22, 2023.


After 25 years, George Highfill returns with a classic country album dedicated to our nation’s truck drivers.

Steven David Austin is a musician and music critic for “Roots Underground Music”.


Here are a few quotes from his well-spoken review:


“George Highfill may not have the same name recognition as, say, George Strait, but he’s definitely punching in the same weight class when it comes to delivering a country song.”

“The title track, “Thank a Trucker,” following in the footsteps of Dave Dudley and Red Simpson, pays homage to the hardworking individuals…”

“If the 11 songs on “Thank a Trucker” don’t give you a Pavlovian craving for a cold beer and a dance floor, you might want to check your pulse because you just might be dead.”

“”Thank a Trucker” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates the beauty and power of real country music.”

yago music reviews by roots music underground.



“Bobby Dale Speer of yago.com says:  “Truckers, what a great theme for an album. George Highfill uses his own style of real country music, and masterfully pulls it off.”  

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