one of the early business plans for yago or yago.com.


Ok this is content for your audio guide online.

Yago is an “opion based site”
Our goal at first is to give information that we or a friend you trust have first hand suggestions on all travel.




Focus on flyover states.
So down the road we call the best two sources for info in a small town America is real-estate agents and of course any sales person local or national. We call the traveling sales people Roadwarriors. They know the best places and ways to navigate their territory most enjoyably and efficient.  Each could have his on reporting page. This started by building the most subtle mind grabber. 3 seconds.

klsr fm 1503. deaf smith texas county, Amarillo.

https://www.klsr105.com/ ?

Yago is trying to give current opinion on underserved marketplace. Everyone also has been using recycled content as it were gospel. Because no one knows how to get it. Road warriors / Salesmen. This step is not ready and will be an end goal. How to get there is a whole new can of worms. First step is to make the front page rock. As George Strait sings Amarillo by Morning.
I envision the area below header to as basically a big header that just says OPINION. Very small cursive under Opinion
You And Great Opinion Under that yago.com very small. Then larger paragraph with topics. Topics should be our jm,content. You pick if vertical or horizonal. Can make OPINION in center column or two column with topics in one column. Now to the topic presentation. You pick em you know more about what’s going on there. This could be a place where I start putting to ink my stories. Cox said they need to be written too. Probably Glacier National for first travel opinion photo below topics. 2 pic places. then line; You And Golf Online linking to golf.yago.com Where we feature different golf stuff. Ok so on first page we have opinion, topics, featured photos or links, leader to golf site. Next should finalize links to topics and were they go to catchall page that links any and all internal links, Link photo to our glacier national park site and should ad some yoga site around glacier national park after our rhetoric. Link you and golf online to golf site. Think I said that but redundancy is your friend in this game. Then we work on products page. Take products to woo commerce. I think golf balls and the yoga theme, should be a start. Need help in this area. We need to do Glacier page right now. With all the tourist this summer I’ sure there are thousands of people looking at pages about how to see this great National Park. I think I will go to the page Glacier National Park and see if I can edit it.
Site needs to opinion we should have an opinion on those that write opinion.
Yago And Great Opinion should be a trusted if they see our logo. Way down the road.
Somewhere I’ve gotten away from topics and our focus on stuff we like and can write about. Movies, art, film, stuff.
Too many thoughts I need to write: Must stay focused on opinion flow. Josh write down some art you like everyday.

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