Songs I want my son to hear.

Opportunity knocking.
Is anybody home?
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Yago’s playlist.  Songs you should here.

George Highfill “Bakersfield”

Life is too short to sit at an empty bar.

where do ya go yago.com

Where do yago?  yago.com

ya go to the movies

ya go to music

ya go to art

One of the best violin solos ever in popular music but know one no's it.

I Scare Myself(1969)
Performer; Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks
Written by Dan Hicks
Album; Striking it Rich
One of the greatest songs that most people have never heard of.
Offers a haunting sound and lyrics and one of the most exciting violin solos ever.
This truly a sleeper.
Top 5 sleeper song.

One of the most under-appreciated songs of all time is “South Canadian River Song”.  I mean, it’s presumptuous for me to say something so definitive.  It’s also a great album.

“South Canadian River Song”, in my mind, compares to “Crazy Eyes” by Poco. 

Having grown up next to the “South Canadian River the title was what intrigued me at first but after listening I thought it was much more than a song about a river. It was a song about the river of life.

Michael had to be on drugs or getting messages from God.  The song covers all genres of music, from it’s country origins it explodes into an classical piano barrage that brings the ending into a completely unrivaled masterpiece.  It’s long… but worth it.

where do you go. yago.com

Where in the world do ya go? yago.com

where do ya go yago.com

“Life is too short to sit at an empty bar”.

Wouldn’t you rather yago here!