monday thinking

I really don’t like this OSU-UCF game.
OSU really needs to score some points and not with just Ollie.  I think OSU must have 40+ to win this and once again it will be on Alan Bowman.  It scares me that we go into somewhat of a conservative mode.
The defense coming off Bedlam has to be beat-up just from pure physicality off the game.  They may not be injured but they’re sure black and blue and UCF has as a very solid offense.
At this moment I’d have to take the points and UCF

The key to the game is how much they let Alan be involved.  He’s making more smart decisions than the coaches.  Put it on him.  Let’s see what he can do.  If this happens, OSU can win.
I kinda like Tulsa
The high school kids from Tulsa seem to always come on late in the season.  That’s good for Tulsa because so many of the players are native.  This is sort of like a bowl game for them.  Give me the 20.5.
Gut bet.

bedlam 2023 predictions.
bowman to have a breakout game. he’s just been a touch off. he improves weekly. he has the ability to start making impressive throws. capable of really dropping on the receiver. i think he’s better than anyone thinks.
offensive line looks as good as i’ve seen in awhile. they just needed a reason to block. the holes for ollie massive last week.
i’m not sold on ollie. hope he proves me wrong.
nick martin has really impressed. the guys a 110% on every play.