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Opportunity knocking.
Is anybody home?
Attention all digital explorers, are you ready to end your domain name search? Say hello to Yago.com – the ultimate solution to all your naming woes! This four-letter dot-com name is guaranteed to make your brand stand out amongst the crowd, giving you the exclusivity you desire.
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So why not take the plunge and unleash your online potential with Yago.com? Say “Goodbye” to endless domain searching and “Hello” to unparalleled creativity, exclusivity, and versatility all in one place. Don’t wait any longer, your perfect domain name is just a click away!  www.yago.com



This is an invitation to help fund our business opportunity.
Our mission is to build a brand.
We have a four letter dot com that just makes since.
We own www.yago.com.
Yago is already branded in much of the world.  We will address that later.
With mounting pressure by the government to curb tech monopolies we think we offer a significant alternative.
We have found that if you use “yago” in front of almost any name you will come up first in a google search.
We bought yago.com in the mid 90’s while living in Seattle.
We had at the time a very relevant idea on how to exploit the already branded name of ya go.
We use the y.a.g.o to represent you are going online.  We pronounced it yago(the “a” is pronounced like the “a” in amazing), hence it’s a word you find yourself using daily as in where yago, how yago, when yago, why yago.  There yago.  Yago is actually the slang of “you go” but you will find yourself saying ya go instead.  Just listen to anyone and you will find them saying yago instead of  you go.