Our Design story

The creator of the Lotus Tray thought to himself there’s got to be a better way to stay in the lotus position and have whatever creature comforts he longed for, whether it be a beer, a laptop, a cup of soup, a candle, or his favorite incense. What he thought of was truly a divine design that worked for both young and all. His first iteration was simply to draw a star. From that he knew what the tray should look like and he drew the current shape of the board.

It worked! The board was balanced and fit perfectly against the thighs, giving a flat easily balanced surface in his lap creating a soft lotus position.

It didn’t stop there because he realized the divine inspiration could also work for kids.  So, he designed a smaller version and it was an immediate success with all the kids at his daughter’s third grade class.

zen of the tray

A tray that helps you create thoughts.
The most comfortable way to sit on the floor.
Designed to help any activity while sitting on the floor.
Inspired by the shape of a star.
The best method for floor sitting.

Comfortably sit with your favorite device.

Balanced and amazingly comfortable.

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