The train has left the station.
Fiscal responsibility is now a myth.
If you want it you are cutting your own throat.
It’s too late.
I know people will hate this but at least hear me out.
The role of government is to promote itself.
By its very nature it must do whatever it can to keep itself alive and growing.
Just like like life, once created, it will do whatever it must to continue.
We will skip the lecture about thousands of years of evolution and skip to the creation of capitalism.
Capitalism is the most powerful tool for creating excess, ever.
Food, money, debt, guns, wealth, poverty, generostiy, greed, war, peace, coke, pepsi, technology, inflation, deflation, life, death, socilalism, democracy, whatever it needs to perpetuate itself.
I mean anything, it has no passion except to suceed and grow itself.
I have no clue how to stop it or if we should.