What I remember.The names have changed to protect the innocent.

Well the trip there from Stillwater, Oklahoma was a blur.
Of course we we’re fucked up before we got there.
Just remember our little caravan and our “moon specialist” applying is talent on many occasions.(flashing is butt in the window}
We had no idea what we were getting into.
Don’t remember arriving.
Our group consisted of 2 or 3 cars and a Winnebago.  We set up our camp about a mile from the entrance to the music area.  We got there a day early and this was as close as you could get.
The first thing I remember from the first night was exploring the area and encountering a large trailer that was rigged with a huge PA system selling drugs over the loud speaker.  What was available and new arrivals were blasted from the huge speakers.  You never lacked for drug information.
My friend who had brought a large quantity of PCP was one of the drug favorites.  We were able to barter it for anything we wanted.
Remember that we used LSD like a cup of coffee.  We would take it in the morning to start our day.
Remember it was hot.  Damn hot.  The only thing that made it tolerable was smoking opium.
Our group was about a quarter of a mile from the stage and this was considered close.
Remember looking at the sea of humanity in front of us and thinking this is massive then I turned around and looked back and realized we we’re basically at the front.  What I saw behind me was actually a little frightening.  There were just so many.

The stage was probably 5 or 6 stories high and maybe a hundred yards wide.
Helicopters landing on it looked like toys.
Remember somehow running into a group from my home town who hadn’t came with us.
How we met in that crowd I’ll never know.

We sat in a row of lawn chairs.  We were more prepared than most.

My first trip to the bathroom.  It was so crowed I don’t think I went in but I really don’t remember.
Names I remember; Billy, Bobby, Bill, Bob, Jerry, Tommy, Don, Tim, Colette, Pam, Rex, Jim Bob, Pete, Donny, Linda.