Review of Dr. Strangelove on yago or

Dr. Strangelove (1964)

Even with so many great moments of absurdist slap-stick silliness, it never devolves into mere farce.

Quantum Computing

The new light-based quantum computer made by China has achieved quantum supremacy.

Janie’s Journal (3)

In my big Reavis family, we occasionally get together for what my nephew Luke dubbed “laughing parties” when he was little.

Janie’s Journal (2)

If only I had known in 1980 that Pamela was a genius I wouldn’t have spent so much time worrying that she would grow up to be an axe murderer or a disgruntled postal employee.

Speaking Quantum

How much faster is a quantum computer than our super computer?  100-million times faster.

Quantum Events

Scientists in Geneva conducted an experiment that shows that there are speeds faster than light.

Russia (Part 5)

We finally got to Murmansk, and it was around 1:00, with the bizarre noonday sun brightly hugging the horizon.

Russia (Part 4)

Then next day we woke up to the unusually late first snows of Apatity, and had snowball fights and played around, then we headed to some tours of the apatite mines and processing plants for which we had supposedly come to this godforsaken place.

Russia (Part 3)

We visited St. Isaacs Cathedral, which I can say without reservation is the most magnificent building I have ever seen or heard of.