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Heard Matt Gaetz loves young animals.

Who’s Donald really sleeping with.

Tom Brady is a democratic robot


It is a well known fact that there are Chinese soldiers are amassing in what the scientist say it is the planet Venus but we all know it’s a Chinese satellite filled with soldiers and wartime armaments’.


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pedophiles like those in Hollywood are all scientologists.

very bad movies

This is a public service announcement (PSO) brought to you by yago.com.
Don’t try and watch these.  We’ve suffered through these so you want have to but if you have the stomach for it send us what you think is the absolute worst movie you’ve watched.  No skipping.  You have to watch the whole thing and suffer the consequences.

  • List Item #1 Any movies Josh has watched
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

free porn

Rachel and the vp.