You And Government Online


Daily thoughts
Are you feeling closed in? Just at Wal-Mart and it seemed everywhere I went there seemed to uniformed police of some sort. They were everywhere. Frozen food, eggs, liqueur, milk, they were everywhere. They were all wearing that black police uniform, which made feel as if I was under Gestapo control. Seriously, with vax, covad, government being hacked, and, oh yea the Donald how we not feel greater government influence in our lives. It’s a little scary. It’s like us vs. them but who is us and who is them? From my point of it, it’s a personality decision like in coke vs. pepsi, beatles or stones, up or down, good or bad, and even good or evil, with the main source of viewpoint is distributed by two voices. You pick your side and and you remain loyal to the ideology even though changes to it are erased. Fox vs. the rest of the news. It is no doubt a Jim Jones sort of feeling with a cult Donald having 42% of the electorates believing everything he says and 50% believing everything he says is a lie. I have trouble commenting on one without a scornful rebuke from either side. I suppose there are thousands of podcasts and sites proclaiming to be unbiased but I doubt that they are. Here’s what we see as the middle path. Both influencers must be listened to with a grain of salt. The Trump cult is the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. I think the whole thing will end up like the civil war. I think the division is so extreme. Cody , Josh, just a little rant.