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Being a wanna be writer is tough.  First of all the dreaded punctuation.  When your writing who wants to think  about commas, periods, paragraphs and spacing.  They just interrupt your thoughts process.
The there’s the dreaded spelling just another thought destroyer.  Of course there’s spellcheck but you have to look at the screen and stop writing.  Best to just blast through it and do it when finished, but the biggest obstacle is finishing what you start.  How often a great start to your story but you never finish.  I’ve started hundreds but never finished one.  So I started a new one titled “Beginning to End”.  Here goes.

In the beginning.  Wait I can’t start out writing about the beginning without know how it ends.  So let’s skip to the end.  Thus the end finally occurred or was it the beginning.  I’m confused.  We better understand what happens after the end which also starts out to be the beginning.  Wait that can’s be rite.  Let’s try again. Before the beginning there was the end.  That’s better.  It all makes sense now.  Well it did a minute ago until I needed to start at the end.  Let’s get trippy.  In the beginning was there nothing or no-thing.  A debate for the ages.  I’m not nearly astute enough to recognize no-thing is the opposite of nothing.  I think.  So in the beginning no-thing or nothing which leads us to the end of the book.  I sure of it.  No-thing is much more perfect than nothing.
As one ole boy philosophized.

Chapter 1
Country Bob Zen

Thank you for the flowers that bloom
thank you for the leaves that fall.
Thank you for it all.|

Thank you for the ying
thank you for the yang.
Thank you for “everythang”.

Chapter 2
The Main Thing

No-thing or nothing?
That is the question.

Chapter 3
It Ain’t What You Think.


Chapter 4
They All Got It Wrong

Us, them, those, Jesus, Buddha, google, god, twitter, everyone, they, Krishna, Joel Olstein, Webster’s, Shakespeare, Dante, the devil, everybody, Bob, The New Yorker preachers, and the rest of the pontificators.  More to come. Jews and Elvis maybe.  Maybe not.

Chapter 5
Those That Got It Rite.

Kenneth Copeland, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Swagert, Pat Robertson, Jim Baker, Oral Roberts, Donald Trump, Billy Benham,  pirates and evangelists in general.
The fucked everyone.

Chapter 6
Sex, Seven, Eight.  Hike.

Disco, football, alcohol, good drugs.  The path.

Chapter 7
Mickey Mantle

Yankee drunk who was a very, very, good baseball player.

Chapter 8

Eve and the snake.

Chapter 9
Number 9

“The Beatles”

Chapter 10
God Created the Heavens and the Earth


Chapter 11
Quantum Enthusiasm

Mozart, James Brown, Robin Williams.

Chapter 12
The Need to Start

Capitalism, sex, and Rock n Roll.

Chapter 13


Chapter 14
Neil Simon

Minus 12.  Chapter Two.

Chapter 15
Random Thoughts

Some, any, what, when, where, fuck it.

Chapter 16
The Virgin Years

Backseat. drive in movies, and Country Club Malt Liquor.

Chapter 17
Good Title for a Chapter.

High School

Chapter 18
Flunked First Grade

Religious People

Chapter 19

Missionary Position.  20

Chapter 20
Time to Start or Finish

Depends on your frame of mind.
Unending questions or answers.
Exploding thoughts.
Untold tales.
Heads you win.
Tales of the Dark Side.

Chapter 21
A Good Place to Start

How do you know if this is the rite place.  Well you don’t.  If you did you would have started on Chapter 20.
This is where the truth reveals itself.  “Smile you’re on Candid Camera”.
The genius of Alan Lunt caught all of America in a realistic dogmatic portrait of the early beginnings of the Universe as we know it.
Jumping out of the camera into your living rooms rivaled the wanna be “Ed Sullivan Show”.  Topo Gigio, ” give me a break”.  (I am sure this is incorrect punctuation).
The intellectual equivalent of agent Maxwell Smart.  “Get Smart” answered all the questions except why is cleavage so enticing.
It’s like the universe with nipples.  You can’t look away.  Not to be confused with looking at an eclipse of the sun.
So god new a good nipple was far more important than any eclipse.
The question is;  was Eve naked or did she show a little cleavage.  The cleavage got god horny and Adam hard.
So in the beginning was there cleavage or no cleavage.  The ancient question has inspired the debate over no-thing or nothing.
So as Plato speculated cleavage started it all or did no cleavage end it all.  This question has puzzled men or women of science since the beginning.
A tight cocktail dress or a wet t-shirt can it ever be answered?

The Book
by Ian Singer and Bobby Dale Cox
Edited by Not

Tobe Named had his first drink at friends house after baseball practice.  Tobe and his friend drank from a cap on a liquor bottle hidden under the sink of Tobe’s friends dad.  Probably less than a thimble full.

Looking for Trouble (Steve Goodman)

The first time you take a drink it makes you spit and sputter
Shiver and shudder, mumble and mutter
But the next one tastes so sweet it makes you want another
Now you’re drinkin all the time

Don’t go lookin for trouble. Trouble will find you
Trouble will find you, trouble will find you
Don’t go lookin for trouble. Let me remind you
‘Cause you sure don’t have to look too hard

The first time you shade the truth you want to run and hide
Your tongue gets tied. Your mouth gets dry
Then you start thinkin maybe no one knows you’ve lied
Now you’re shady all the time

Don’t go lookin for trouble. Trouble will find you
Trouble will find you, trouble will find you
Don’t go lookin for trouble. Let me remind you
‘Cause you sure don’t have to look too hard

Trouble will pin a tail on you and follow you all around
It’ll get you when you’re number’s up
And when your guard is down

The first time you fall in love the skies are sunny
They call you honey. Your jokes are funny
Then they get bored, then they get restless, then they’re up and gone
They leave you cryin’ all the time

Don’t go lookin for trouble. Trouble will find you
Trouble will find you. Deaf, dumb and blind you
Don’t go lookin for trouble. Let me remind you
‘Cause you sure don’t have to look too hard
Trouble in your own back yard

Steve also wrote City of New Orleans

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