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Our first  of the great little known movies is Hopscotch.  If you’ve seen it you’ll know what I’m talking about.  You probably have great taste.

At yaGo we think it’s just amazing, entertaining yet subtle and light.
It’s stars the wonderful Walter Matheau.  I’m sure most of the under 40 crowd are not familiar with him.  We believe it falls in  the category “movies I would like my son to watch”.
Matheau himself has a brilliant film resume but I think his performance in “Hopscotch” as Miles Kendig, an American spy,  while critically acclaimed and a “Golden Globe” winner was not a major box office success.
yaGo even speculates that the movie may have had an influence on the Bourne movies, in that the plot that Kendig(Matheau) comes up with is a light hearted retribution against his former employer is the same tactic that Jason Bourne formulates as his blackmail of his former employer.  Just something to think about.
You can read about the career Matheau at many places yet no one seems elaborate about the movie “Hopscotch”.
We hereby declare it a yaGo top pick.
If you are into movies you must watch it.  Don’t doubt us on this one.

Walter Matheau, A Hidden Gem

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