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Jimmy Buffett

My Jimmy Buffett

I think Jimmy first came into my life in 1974.
I was living in Stillwater, Oklahoma when Mike Bair called me over to smoke a reefer.  As was the custom in those days we were always listening to music.  Mike happened to be play a new album I was not familiar with.  It’s title was A1A.  Thus started my life as a fan of Jimmy Buffett.
This was long before parrot heads or really any acclaim for Jimmy’s music but I was in love.  Quickly I started to appreciate him and his other albums.  White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation blew me away but “livin and dyin in 3/4 time did the same.  So my first three albums with Jimmy were I think his best.  My favorite is A1A still can be heard in my youtube playlist of greatest albums.   This was just the start of my journey with Jimmy.
Although I really didn’t know Jimmy I still feel in some small way I influenced his success.
In 1976 a writer from the New Yorker came to stay with me and my friend Bill Cox.  His name was Mark Singer and was doing a major article about Oklahoma politics, specifically, Gen Stipe.
Well Mark although from Tulsa had led a musically sheltered life in the halls of New York and Yale,  we changed all that with the introduction of “Rancho Deluxe”  a relatively unkown soundscore by Jimmy Buffeet.  We probably wouldn’t have got Mark’s attention with this except it was based on the novel by Tom McGuane, who happened to one of Mark’s favorite writter’s.  He had never heard of Jimmy Buffet but the soundscore got his attention.  We introduced him to several other albums by Jimmy and he quickly became a fan.  Well Jimmy happened to be doing a concert in central park and despite 3 major albums he was not exactly a household name and so any press he could get was greatly needed.  Mark found out about the concert and called Buffett’s manager and asked if he could do an article on Jimmy.   The manager replied, “with the New Yorker, hell yes”.  So arrangements were made and Mark was to interview Buffeet after the concert.  Well it rained out the concert.  So Mark asked Jimmy if he would like join him at the Cherry Netherland hotel for some conversation and a joint.  Jimmy immediately agreed.  So enter Taloka Tops.  My contribution to the meeting.  (More about Taloka Tops later).  I wasn’t there but to hear Mark tell it.  It went down like this.
Mark, Jimmy, and one of his band members were sitting in the Cherry Netherland and Mark asked if they wanted to smoke a joint and the answer was a resounding yes.  Well Mark pulled out a little toothpick joint we had sent with him.  It had a green line about 2/3rds down the joint.  Well this pot was special.  By the time the joint reached the green line they were all so high they decided that the green line meant stop here.  Several months later in Norman, Oklahom at a Buffett concert he stated that the best pot he had ever smoked was from Oklahoma and was called Taloka Tops.  Bill Cox and I the growers were flabbergasted.  Our pot the best Jimmy Buffett had ever smoked.  What an ego trip.

“Two Merle’s and a Buck”

Opportunity knocking.
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