Los Gatos

Los Gatos, California
Walk up and down historically rebuilt Los Gatos just a few miles outside of San Jose. Parking can be a little difficult, but the attempt is worth it. This town was hit hard in the 1990 earthquake. Most of downtown had to be rebuilt. They did a great job, the shops that line Santa Cruz Avenue are very diverse and make a great way to kill an afternoon/evening.

Located at 130 N. Santa Cruz is the Los Gatos Brewery – casual dining in downtown Los Gatos. Los Gatos Brewery serves an excellent variety of micro-brewed beers and has a very good wine list to boot. They have a good variety of brick oven pizza with spent grain dough, they are excellent. The other items on the menu looked very good, but were not tried.

If you are a cigar smoker and know that in California, you cannot do that, there is a tobacconist just around the corner that has good prices and a smoking room for your indulgent pleasure.

Just down the street at 15 1/2 N. Santa Cruz is the Los Gatos Bar and Grill. This local hangout is located upstairs and has a great bar with a varied cliental, Connie may have been young, but she knew how to make a perfect martini! If you are a visitor and are having dinner, request a table by the window, you have nice view of the people walking up and down the street, plus a great view of the mountains. The night I was there, the moon was rising over them to give a great effect. The Bruschetta appetizer was excellent. Varied menu and all was prepared perfectly.

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