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YÁ started back in 1999 in Seattle. Even though it’s over 20 years later, yago’s internet ideas and unique navigation remain relevant today. It started when I was lucky enough (or cursed ) to  buy the four letter url Not only was it a four letter url but it actually made sense or at least to me it did. To me it was quite simple.  It was an acronym for your area guide organizer. This made even more sense to me when I realized yago was a word that everyone used daily.  It was a short way to say you go.  So where do you go was simply verbalized as where do yago or how do yago or when do yago. It just made sense to me. So there yago. It also just happened to be the first two letters for yahoo and google. We’re not sure how to us that. If you don’t get that “yago” is a word we say for “you go” then you don’t need to read the rest of this.  You can just go back to wherever ya go. I realized that not only was yago a word you used for you go but was also one of the great words for acronyms, as in You And Government Online  or You And Golf Online. We’ll talk about this latter.  So, back to our original idea for yago, which is; Your Area Guide Organizer.  A quasi travel site. Two acronyms explained how to navigate and use YAGO. We said “since the beginning it started with ADAM and EVE.”. ADAM (area designated activity module) EVE (entertainment vicinity educator) This how we explained it in 1999. So, ya go  to ADAM,  then ya go to EVE, which leads you to entertainment. Here’s our first crude page of what yago is; 

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  1. Your article gave me a lot of inspiration, I hope you can explain your point of view in more detail, because I have some doubts, thank you.

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