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God one of the greatest marketing schemes.
More specifically we are talking about the government and Christian Nationalism.
I guess god must be their head of marketing.
Recently in Oklahoma their governor Kevin Stitt (kkkevin shitt) endorsed Christian Nationalism. This is an embarrassment for Oklahomans. Oklahoma is already known for the Tulsa Race Riots and of course Oral Roberts the founder of evangelical prosperity gospel (we’ll go into this later). Now we can add Christian Nationalism. What a vision.I’ve ever had it’s worth a trip to the restaurant ju

I’ve ever had it’s worth a trip to the restaurant ju

Mack the Knife was originally a German song look up the title to it in German is very unusual music trivia. San Ignacio Golf Course Green Valley has bruschetta I’ve ever had it’s worth a trip to the restaurant just to taste their bruschetta amazed
Need to do you and gambling online you go with all the things going on with sports betting you and gambling online chat to make a good directory
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The biggest Miracles that makes you believe in God it’s only reason I believe in God is the 95 1995 Masters when Harvey died in belt of credit Ben Crenshaw one feet by when Ben was Harvey students and Ben has been to the funeral the Sunday before the Masters then had money in 24 years so unlikely but a miracle happened Ben Crenshaw won the 1995 Masters I don’t believe it oh no slowed down Bow Down oh good go away just almost an impossible putt sandwich bread.
Barry Sanders the best runner Trump complained that if he wasn’t put in the present man you should not vote in 22 or 24
The last two tournaments coming down the street this speech-to-text is amazing I have to watch my speech record everything it is wonderful as long as you have have some sort of this discipline before sleeping Sheriff. Also it was amazing the Davis Love did you also second there has to be a God for that to happen if there ever was a miracle the 1995 Masters was it ? When meditating the finger next to your little finger for the loop some 500 years before the birth of Jesus in a town vanished long ago it will send her to you if you do that it’s the way Buddha did it is everything connected The Ficus is a Buddha tree

Worker shortage in the US has growing I think that’s a good reason for open border I know I’m against everybody but hoping those borders well what’s coming is instead of surfing pictures or words or whatever it’ll all be video now so nobody needs to take any pictures at Archie butt as far as the internet goes it’ll all move to pictures or videos which will be set back and forth like pictures are now so we’re going how do we get there we call it Whimsical Notions but Whimsical conspiracies I think we should give up on something like that but yeah everybody got to have a conspiracy link on their page the container ships that are stuck off ghost and hadn’t been able to Anchor Democratic senator Al Franken one of the great conspiracies is is that they’re filled with Chinese there in the lower hole of the boat and in the cargo containers are airplanes missiles cannons bombs whatever it is unbelievable conspiracy theory but there’s a lot of people that believe it got to learn more about editing video and sending and receiving and post search that uses all glasses frames scroll you can take a picture and it would go through the whole video of the shades of purple for logo Anjelica Huston Anjelica Huston directed the fuc Angelica is John Houston’s daughter or granddaughter I guess

Elan is the world’s first trillionaire

Things to tell Josh on the phone this evening talk about voice to text and how to get it on a PC how to use your own email name and how to put it in Google and Microsoft I can’t figure out how to log into Microsoft windows or whoever it is but I need to talk to Josh about that if you ever watch the TV series The Jetsons had a football game and it was like an NFL football game but the players were all robots that’s not very much very different from what today in the NFL these guys are superhuman the whole nother level of played in probably any sport it is absolutely psychologically physically and every way what we love sex drugs and rock and roll things we hate Kenneth Copeland this guy that is very popular on shock and does three or four videos of days a young guy that has dark hair I watch him every once in awhile let you know is crazy conspiracy theories but the newest one just unbelievable to me it said he was standing there very serious for the last time didn’t know the last guys three or four months Venus and I think Jupiter I’ve been very playing and in the Sun sky on the horizon and this guy hits a popular on Tik-Tok he says he’s out and he says I’ve noticed there’s a couple of bright things to my account I’ve never noticed those before and he was implying that they were probably space orbs that were filled with Chinese militants and he’d never seen him before I have there been just the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen if this guy obviously because Venus is always very prevalent in months of in our heaven bad movies Q conspiracy Pizza Ray’s famous scandals p*** dirtbags play the things we hate Rachel and the VP completely different want to do a page with every mistake that new web device Developers and have been princesses stay kids in on-off out App application for routers that there always is in horrible places all you have to do would be plug in the USB and figure that out say what just talked to no I get it transcribes everything go is it is it government in Florida jump from where we actually are which is this has been cleared and you can learn about it later decision to when and if the McCarthy years what years was McCarthy a factor in politics this reminds me of the McCarthy years Red Wave where everyone was hey little fella scared about communism living the spread because McCarthy’s I guess you’d say it seems like except for having Donald Trump. This is parallel arrows out of fear and milk cornbread dip of some sort and I think that’s all frigerator okay having been on the conspiracy theory for much of my life going back to the 70s even expecting the crash and everything I now think that the crazies are on the right but they are violent malicious people and don’t know what to think that we just have to put together that attempt at and he’s conservative black Glenn back there scaring the hell out of me they want to seem to be easy that the Bonhoeffer are going to be the next the demo Democratic Xavier is weird in there bring it on real trouble for the United States

The commercials were fast food are ridiculous in that they’re nothing but hearts for bad food

Order Of Inventions from wall the weapons the wall the weapon open the wall the container the wheel and then the vessel.

Star loaded with Chinese discog I have nothing to say because I don’t know what I’m talkin to or when I see that it’s I understand that part I know what a fun thing to do but how is it falling like this or software internet start the conversation straight into the weapon to what end should get

I think you should stay on web pages go to Universal to get more click-throughs data would be

MSNBC could actually be the fence

Toaster waffles from anywhere and walk when you get home book of the easier TV welcome to Google TV your application guide online the guy what are you doing

When I was growing up remember and loaf of bread cost a nickel Ken’s has to go to the movie bar two for a nickel and Tootsie Roll pops a penny

Songs two of us0

No facts just opinion

Web pages music film science products trivia create post template multiple themes each on different pages if you use an inner cell on a section who will be able to the section will be on top and automatically the second directions goes below it and that is for mobile phones cell phones so in other words to be put intersection inside the section and you’ve got to different pages we’ll go below the first one at using your cell phone copy of page to another page

First section or page of the web should be about and we probably want to use about five different topics to put in a header which would be very generic and be where do you go film music minion science as topics and then the post would go in as drop down from the music and edit photos posed to be in film needs to have mainstream review what you’ve done on Lebowski and dr. Strangelove I think that needs to be extended a little bit and you don’t need to ride it you could just go home page I didn’t see comments where and then just paste a few more comments you are giving opinion

Right stuff about John Prine please black woman hard Axton Holly’s bus stop Dave Clark Five Rivals and parenteral songwriters in that influenced groups that rivaled the Beatles and many ways

Jonathan Edwards Sunshine Go Away Today

John Hartford needs to have his praise

Dealing with varieties of the TV and the computer HDMI I only get the picture on one screen it won’t do two screens and I need to figure it out how to do that

Lotus board to carry what you need for Ed at 8 display unit list

Simon and Garfunkel Larry Hosford VanZant Guy Clark John Prine somewhere in the Goose Creek Symphony the movie Michael Martin Murphey ourselves Michael Nesmith Kris Kristofferson Sunday morning coming down

With fancy lights or sophisticated sound systems naturally improve the camera
Start new paragraphs
Appreciate your time What do you want to be remembered for about 20% of my total expenses and reduce my debt sorry about the no no problem take your time I’d appreciate that.

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