God one of the greatest marketing schemes.
More specifically we are talking about the government and Christian Nationalism.
I guess god must be their head of marketing.
Recently in Oklahoma their governor Kevin Stitt (kkkevin shitt) endorsed Christian Nationalism. This is an embarrassment for Oklahomans. Oklahoma is already known for the Tulsa Race Riots and of course Oral Roberts, the founder of evangelical prosperity gospel (we’ll go into this later). Now we can add Christian Nationalism. What a vision.


The biggest Miracles that makes you believe in God it’s only reason I believe in God is the 95 1995 Masters when Harvey died in belt of credit Ben Crenshaw one feet by when Ben was Harvey students and Ben has been to the funeral the Sunday before the Masters then had money in 24 years so unlikely but a miracle happened Ben Crenshaw won the 1995 Masters.¬†¬†


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