Goose Creek Symphony


Top 10 Albums

Words of Earnest (1972)
This goes from bluegrass to classical.
Truly a Zen album. It has to be listened to in it’s entirety to appreciate it fully.
Each song is a step on the album and without any you would diminish its message.
Goose Creek Symphony has several albums that are all good… but our winner:
Words of Earnest

Words of Earnest

Goose Creek Symphony
Lived in the city and I lived in the wood
Lived through the fire and I lived through the flood
Lived through the summer when the creek went dry
Guess I’ll keep living til the day I die
I think I’ve done everything in my time
Everything I didn’t do wasn’t worth do when I had that time
Oh noTalked to the prophets and I talked to the fool
Even tried work and I even tried school
Fell in love I got pushed through hate
Even drove my car through a big steel gate
I think I’ve done everything in my time
Everything I didn’t do wasn’t worth do when I had that timeDeep in the hills of old Kentucky, once lived a man I used to know
He got up every morning at the crack
Of dawn, Earnest was his name you know
He was full of love and understanding, never had a nickel or a dime
“Happiness is free” is what he said
To me, Earnest was a friend of mine
Friend of mineTo many people on the same old road
Loaded down with the same old load
To live a good life you can’t do it that way
‘Cause every day is different and it’s different every day
Gotta do everything, in your time
Everything you wanna do, really worth do when I had that time
Oh yeah it isNobody knows when I’m lonely, nobody knows when I’m blue
Nobody knows when I’m happy, nobody knows that I’m blue
Nobody knows that I love everyone, nobody knows that I’m fine
Nobody ever gets in my way, ’cause nobody’s on my mind

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