Michael Nesmith

It’s only a whimsical notion.
One of the most under appreciated musicians is dead at 78.  He is probably known to you from the comedy show “the Monkees”.  Michael’s real gift is songwriting.  Most people poo poo the suggestion that he was one of the greatest songwriters but once I play them “RIO” they all reconsider about just how damn good he was.   RIO  Joanne

Credit Michael Nesmith of the Monkees.
A great songwriter and musician but mainly unknown.
Check these out.  You’ll be impressed.

Our number one musical master that no one has ever heard of.
I can’t say enough about him. He plays the 12 string. His songwriting genius.
Rio 1977.
Songwriter/Performer; Michael Nesmith
‘It’s only a whimsical notion to fly down Rio tonight” What a wonderful line.

He made Texas music art.
From Radio Engine to a Photon Wing is genius.
From “Rio” to “Casablanca” , Then follow up with “Joanne”, you have crossed several genres of music but it all fits together to form a true masterpiece
He was a member of the “Monkees” . The only musician in the group. More to come….

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