Quantum Events

Can you believe it scientists discovered something amazing! Scientists in Geneva conducted an experiment that shows that there are speeds faster than light. They put photons 7 miles away moving away from each other yet the particles shared data simultaneously. What is the implication? If they are, why not 7 million miles or how about the whole universe. This will mean that particles can move faster than light.
Scientist also theorize that particles being spit out by a black hole move faster than light.


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  1. I’m slowly starting to understand Neils Bohr’s theory of quantum Indeterminacy, as something different than Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. Quantum “Complementary” isn’t merely an epistemological limit… but an ontological limit too!? (head explodes)

  2. Based upon my own observations. Whenever my observations exceeded the speed of light I felt that time stopped and when it did I experienced an epiphany where in I was so alive that everything I looked at was dead.

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