St. James Hotel

Well this place takes the prize for haunted hotels in New Mexico.

I’ve been to Cimarron, New Mexico many times as an explorer, vacation, trout fishing, and on my way to my aunts house in Eagles Nest, New Mexico and I’ve nether experienced anything but a hangover cause it sure goes with the territory and there’s a haunted hotel in almost ever town in New Mexico.
The history of the state probably has a lot to do with why there are so many haunted hotels in New mexico. Remember this was the land of Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp and many many more. Most them were riding the Cimarron Trail and you guest it. The St. James Hotel was one of their stopping points along their journey.
They built on a more modern hotel to expand the number of rooms but I always stay in the old Saint James Hotel. Because of the popularity of this place you’ll probably need a reservation.
It’s changed over the years but the old hotel still emits something of the paranormal.
Thousands, well maybe hundreds travel back year after year to have the experience of years ago. It’s their vacation.

I’ll attest to the gun wholes in the ceiling and the ancient safe from back in the day, but ghosts nope.
But what made me change my opinion was the sincere belief that they had had a true paranormal experience.
I mean they take you to the place of their encounter and give you all the details but more than this was their absolute belief.
It’s definitely worth a stop or stay if you’re in the area.

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