Speaking Quantum

How much faster is a quantum computer than our super computer?  100-million times faster.  So if you gave both the same problem, a quantum computer would take 8 seconds to do what our fastest super computer would compute in 10,000 years.  This just blows me away.

The quantum age is coming. It may take years… or not.

In my layman’s understanding, the silicon chip works with 2 digits: a plus or a minus, a zero and one. Basically on and off.  You could even say yin and yang.  These are the bits that form the language (they call it code) which gives the computers instructions.  To a laymen, again, the way we see the quantum chip is as some “on and offs” at the sub-atomic level. Quantum computers use an electron for these instructions.  Quantum bits deliver the code to operate the computer.  How much smaller and faster they are generates the aforementioned problem-solving speed. 

But this is not even their most coveted attribute!  They can be off or on at the same time.  This blows my mind.

More to come or maybe you should do a comment on this post to blow my hillbilly venture into the quantum world.