I had the pleasure of speaking to Sydney Yago about the current state of America and was amazed with his incite.
I don’t get to talk to Sydney much, since he became in volved with his namesake site,
It was interesting as well as enlightening, coming from such a recluse.

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Japanese tea ceremony and the zen martini

The ritual of the tea ceremony and the ritual of making a martini.
It’s the ritual that creates the mystic.

Yago, the eloquent equation.
yago=you and guestions online.

Twin Towers
We wonder why we ride the carousel, we do it for the stories we could tell.  Jimmy Buffett

I think it was probably 1983-85 when I first met Donald Trump.
I don’t know if I actually talked to him or not, but my opinion was set.
It was another one of those promote or sell something meetings that were typical if you worked for one the major brokerage firms.
I can’t remember if I was with Paine Webber or Smith Barney or even Sear’s owned Dean Witter.
Makes me laugh.
Does anyone else remember them?
A side note I worked for Dean Witter, any remember selling my first Ginnie Mae.
I was sitting there and looked at the daily list of promoted inventory and there it was the creation of what would destroy the economy over 20 years later.
Long story short, I was seeing a government guaranteed, thriple A rated bond that I could make 4.5% commission for what had been almost a service.  If I sold this $100,000 government bond I earned at commission of $4,500 vs a goverment treasury bond for a $100. Well what do you think the thousands of brokers were going to sell.
I’ve never thought about it but what a significant moment in economic time.
Back to the Trump Meeting.
It was a small conference room at the top of the twin towers.
I don’t remember if it was one or two.
It was a meeting promoting some sort of energy investment, the best new mouse trap.
Which just now, it reminds of who I was with but that’s another story.
So me and my friend are in a conference room of about 25-30 people I think the first speaker was King Kerschener, the infamous Oklahoma oil man.
This is was the top of the heap for this sort of meeting.
So basically we yawned through his talk and then it happened, to the left of the podium was a large blond man, who later I discovered was Donald Trump.
Yes he had a presense but to me it was the presense of con-man.
Reflecting back now, I can see where he might have had another effect on some others.
But my opinion was formulated before he even spoke.
So I definitely have a predjuced onpion of him now.
I think Donald was promoting one of his deals to the big guys at Smith Barney.
Ceo’s, presidents, and major investment holdings.
He really wasn’t talking to the people in the room but more just a self promotion of himself to his would be bankers.
Never thought of it, but maybe I witnessed in that small conference room was the start of what would bankrupt the Taj Mahal.
So anyway he takes the podium and starts his presintation. Reflecting back, it was basically the same style of  speech he uses at rallys today.
I do remember it was all over the place and I really didn’t know what subject he was talking about. It was just really self promotion of himself to the big guys.
It was a short presentation, maybe 15 minutes at the most, about nothing. To use his words, it was bullshit.
The meeting was adjourned and we, the brokers, headed straight for the bar. Compted cocktails at the top of the world was really the main reason for being there.
I remember peering out the window.
It was me and I think 3 or 4 other guys. My friend from Pittsburg, a big time bond trader, an oil and gas guy, and I think a commodoty trader. Anyway we’re on our second or third cocktail and in walks the future President of the United States.
He was with the big guys from Smith Barney and of course, the bankers.
One of the guys he was with was an investment banker I had had cocktails with(got drunk) at the Red Blazer 2 days prior. The Red Blazer, a popular watering hole uptown at 73rd and Lexington. I was almost a celebrity there because of my okie accent. When I walked in the bartenders shouted, “Bob from Oklahoma”. They remembered me years later. Just a side note for stories that I’ll mention later.
We this guy saw me and came over to comment on his hangover.
Donald came by and shook hands with him. I can’t remeber if I shook hands with Donald or not, but if I didn’t, I would happy about it.

Brushes with success.

1973 Williams Company.

1975 State of Oklahoma Gene Stipe
1975-79 Sheriff Leo Speer, William Cox, The Honorable John Henderson, Gene Stipe, Clyde Stipe, Johnny Burt Criswell, Don Roberts, Mark Singer, Heir to Mexico, Ian Fraser, Taloka Tops, The New Yorker,  Goldman Saks, “even cowgirls get the blues”, Authur Crimm, Red Blazer, Goodman Ace, New York restaurants, The Shriners, Speer Dollar Store, George Highfill.
1979 Paine Webber, Vernon Oliver Holland, Dane Henry, Reading and Bates, Whoops, Kathy Bogart, Beatrice Foods, Gstaad. investment drug days.
1984 Rant Tandy, King Marcus Hilti, labor union investment advisor, Rick Clark, Cherry Street Brewery, Unit Drilling.
1988 Seattle, Henry James, multi-level, Bill Gates, Netscape, McCaw Cellular, Kliner Perkins, Amazon, executive recruiter, start of the internet, synonyms, Answer Soft, facebook/yago.
2000 Blur, McCurtain Scott, Clint Eastwood.

Thoughts; 48 Hours At Atoka

It was the years of the first Willie Nelson’s fourth of july party.

The invention that truly changed the world.
Not computers, the internet, the wheel, etc.
It was the GUI, graphacal user interface.

If your ever going to be old or handicapped or sick, this is truly the best time in history. You really don’t have to moved to take care of business, shop, or be entertained. It can all be done with your phone and maybe a nice monitor.