We think we’ve stumbled and bumbled our way into a business opportunity that offers many different internet options. 
You are going online, (y.a.g.o.)
We are offering you a chance to participate in our business venture.
We will consider partnership, joint venture, capital infusion, or sale of our property.  We invite you to contact us or just browse around our site and see if any of our ideals are relevant to your current business interest

It’s  easier than almost any internet address.
Would you rather have you web address as myname @  (YAGO).com. or
yourname123@syghostinternet.bs-blah.blah. blah. net     How much easier is yourname@yago.com. and people might actually remember it.   It just makes sense!
That’s just a few logical applications of the acronym’s for YAGO. 
There’s another reason for using YAGO in your website or business.
It’s a four letter URL, which means that it comes up sooner in a web search. Four letter web sites improve your ranking in a seach engine.
Another method for getting hit on your web site is to have a good name and let’s face it most of them are gone. With YAGO finding a good web name the options are still unlimited. Use it as a sub-domain.
It works like this. You have a growing real estate business but of course all the good real estate web names are taken but with YAGO you just YAGO it.
Your website would be named www. realestate.YAGO.com.
Your site would receive hits in several different ways.
One, real estate is in the title (more relevant hits would come to your site).
Two, you get the benefits of a four letter URL (more hits based on how search engines search the web).
Three, it is easy to remember (more hits).
Four, it just makes sense, real estate YAGO.
Once people have searched for real estate in your area, they click on the link and there YAGO. More hits for you.
When someone clicks on you site it is simply re-directed to your site which maybe John Doe Real Estate.
If you wanted to have even more influence use the name of the city, state, or region you business serves.
Once again, “YAGO it“.
Instead of real estate.YAGO you might want to use www Texas.YAGO.com, or www Dallas.YAGO.com. or
www yourarea.YAGO.com.
Want more. How about www DallasRealEstate.YAGO.com.
In all cases your site is simply re-directed to your original web site.
This would broaden your exposure and increase your chance’s of getting more site visits.
This is a message for all the companies looking for an excellent business opportunity.
Below are various theme’s that might be of interest to you or your business.


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